Saturday, 17 February 2007

ecowhizz is on (this time for real)

Hello again,

the website to this blog - - is now officially launched. At least to a select circle of friends. Now it's about spreading the word...

My objective with this blog and the website is to demonstrate how we can all improve our impact on the environment. It often seems to me that people complain a lot about how bad things are. In this case, traffic jams and pollution in the cities, dirty rivers, winter snow that's becoming ever harder to find etc. On the other hand, very few actually seem to think seriously about how to improve things, let alone act on it.

I think this is due to two, related reasons: the first is a general feeling that big insitutions such as governments and big businesses should take care of this. Second, a lot of people either don't know how they can contribute, or maybe they know but they don't care enough, since it would stretch their comfort zone a little bit.

Hence, my "mission" here is to show that every little thing helps, and also, that every little thing is needed in order to make it work. Take the infamous standby mode of electronic appliances for instance. If only one person in the world bothers to switch their TV off properly when they don't use it, of course nothing will change. On the other hand, if a large number of people do it, then the impact is going to be significant. The point here is that everyone needs to do what is right, but without knowing what others do or having any direct feedback on the result.

This is only one example of many. I will endeavour to give more examples, and also provide specific data to show how things work out. Everyone can make a difference, even if it is little. And everyone needs to... or else!

Be good!

ben from ecowhizz


Tommaso said...

Hi Ben, I'm Tommaso Tessarolo.
Good luck for your blog ;)

linus said...
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linus said...

I am addicted to my car and am trying to beat the habit by car sharing twice a week and biking to work once a week.

This is a saving of 120 petrol miles per week and about £1000
p/a saved.

This small difference means more clean air and more natural resources preserved for the

Perhaps others can start to kick the car habit also by believing that even a small difference is important.

What-if the amount of petrol miles saved could be displayed on a map recognizing those who are making the difference, maybe others would follow.

I'm changing not because of a guilt trip but because I want to preserve the world for tomorrow and the day after that.